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Clarksburg Bridgeport Area(304-782-1131)
Allison Lurenda(304-462-4550)
Gump Denzil(304-889-2120)
Gump George(304-889-2153)
Parks Dudley E(304-889-2191)
Stoneking Harvey(304-889-2196)
Stalnaker Stanley(304-889-2663)
Morris Jeffrey(304-889-3285)
Morris Lisha(304-889-3285)
Wade Mariland(304-889-2612)
Wade Wilber(304-889-2612)
Morris Drexel(304-889-3191)
Dulany Stanley(304-889-2218)
West Virginia State Dept of Highway(304-889-3251)
Hastings Extraction Plant(304-889-3178)
Hastings Station(304-889-3178)
Barker Ruth L(304-889-3209)
J & S Forestry(304-889-2809)
Lemasters Lisa(304-889-2449)
Lemasters William(304-889-2449)
Willoughby Donna(304-889-2754)
Ash David(304-889-3250)
Ash Lorie(304-889-3250)
Fluharty Francis(304-889-2168)
Rice Steven(304-889-2312)
Greathouse Amanda(304-889-2277)
Greathouse James(304-889-2976)
Hand Janice(304-889-3276)
Meadows Ron(304-889-2319)
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