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AAA Amy Sword Bail Bonds(304-586-3550)
West Anna(304-854-2869)
West Claude Jr(304-854-2869)
West Virginia State of(304-854-0101)
White Benny(304-854-2643)
White Sherry(304-854-2004)
Whitesville Fire Dept & Rescue(304-854-1197)
Whitesville Presbyterian Ch(304-854-2309)
Whitesville Public Library(304-854-0196)
Whitesville State Bank(304-854-1271)
Whitesville Town of(304-854-1091)
Wiley Noah SR(304-854-0481)
Williams Angie(304-854-4024)
Williams Brian(304-854-4024)
Williams Clyde(304-854-4129)
Williams Della(304-854-4129)
Williams Roger(304-854-1037)
Williams William H(304-854-0017)
Williamson P(304-854-2054)
Wingo Ashley(304-854-2446)
Winnie's Beauty & Tanning Spot(304-854-4022)
Wiseman Ruby A(304-854-1512)
Wooten D(304-854-2386)
Wriston Don(304-854-0747)
Fox's Place(304-854-1500)
Cross Roads Apostolic Church(304-854-1724)
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