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Acey Dawn(304-892-4333)
Quinn Clyde(304-334-3083)
Quinn David(304-334-3933)
Quinn Mary(304-334-3083)
Rhoades G S(304-623-0131)
Rine Bridget L(304-334-2006)
Rine Richard A(304-334-2006)
Roberts T(304-334-6752)
Roe Helen(304-334-5145)
Roe Robert(304-334-5145)
Shaffer Ray(304-334-2102)
Showalter B R(304-334-5711)
Shreve Everett L(304-334-2323)
Shreves Steven(304-334-2647)
Shuman Earl(304-334-5121)
Smith Gary(304-334-6612)
Smith J(304-334-3315)
Snedden Sean(304-889-3221)
Snodgrass E R(304-334-5889)
Starkey Peggy(304-334-6237)
Stout Carolyn S(304-334-6628)
Stout Eddie(304-334-2010)
Stout Eugene(304-334-5323)
Stout Forest(304-334-2602)
Stout S M(304-334-2012)
Stout Sandy(304-334-2010)
Strader Ralph(304-334-2504)
Straight's Produce & Bakery(304-334-6629)
Swiger Jimmy(304-334-6422)
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