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Adkins Bill(304-469-8199)
Lilly Lesa(304-683-9455)
Lilly Thurman(304-683-3498)
McGraw Benny(304-683-3846)
McGraw Debbie(304-683-4892)
McGraw Johnny(304-683-4892)
McKinney Orlie(304-683-9188)
McKinney Rosa(304-683-9188)
Milam Jimmy A(304-683-3889)
Milam Judy(304-683-5388)
Miller Angelique(304-683-5236)
Miller Jerry L(304-683-3547)
Mills Teddy(304-683-5587)
O'neal Jason(304-683-5567)
O'neal Lydia(304-683-5567)
O'neal Ruth(304-683-3325)
Phalin R(304-683-3564)
Porter Blaine(304-683-9177)
Powell James(304-683-9682)
Pritchett Gladys(304-683-4766)
Rhodell Health Clinic(304-683-4318)
Rose Jerry(304-683-3329)
Rose Tina(304-683-3329)
Sargent Elizabeth(304-683-3443)
Sargent Martin Jr(304-683-3443)
Shrewsbury Carmella(304-683-5157)
Shumate Barbara(304-683-9559)
Slone Imogene(304-683-9078)
Smith Lee(304-683-4853)
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