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Bailey Delilah(304-294-5612)
White Allen(304-683-9271)
White James(304-683-5583)
White Richard(304-683-9603)
Wills Judy L(304-683-9310)
Wills Vaughn D(304-683-9310)
Wood A(304-683-9070)
Wood Buford Jr(304-683-3041)
Wood James(304-683-5958)
Wood Rebecca(304-683-5958)
Young Donald(304-683-5948)
Deweese Roger(304-683-2288)
Smith's Country Store(304-683-9381)
Bays John(304-683-3572)
Long Ernest A(304-683-5443)
Meadows Crystal(304-683-4781)
Meadows Walt(304-683-4781)
Sprouse Chuck(304-683-4058)
Edwards Damon(304-683-3544)
Fox Jimmy(304-683-4309)
Fox Sanija(304-683-4309)
Smith Greta(304-683-5377)
Meadows Anna R(304-683-9428)
Keffer Mildred(304-683-9718)
Workman Mark R(304-683-4028)
Cree E(304-683-2217)
Smith Gayle(304-683-3613)
Utt Lillian(304-683-4056)
Cree E L(304-683-2218)
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