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Adkins D R(304-837-3371)
Riddle John II(304-442-2528)
Riley Ashley(304-442-4219)
Riley Morgan(304-442-8801)
Robbins Roy L SR(304-442-5560)
Rogers Charles O(304-442-4486)
Rogers Franklin D(304-442-4330)
Rogers Jimmie(304-442-5754)
Rogers Patricia(304-442-5754)
Rollins Robert E(304-442-8332)
Rowe George T(304-442-5482)
Rowe Jo Ellen(304-442-5482)
Rucker Ralph(304-442-9472)
Sampson Elias(304-442-0211)
Sampson Phyllis(304-442-0211)
Sargent Amy(304-442-8725)
Sargent Chris(304-442-8725)
Sargent Concetta(304-442-0216)
Scarberry Tammy(304-442-2780)
Scarbro Bruce(304-442-2423)
Scarbro Pam(304-442-2423)
Schoolcraft Billy R(304-442-5657)
Schoolcraft Dencil(304-442-8129)
Schoolcraft Emmett(304-442-9638)
Schoolcraft John E(304-442-8976)
Scott Charles(304-442-4709)
Shaffer K J(304-442-8256)
Shaffer L H(304-442-8256)
Shears Everett F(304-442-9256)
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