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Anderson Howard D(304-986-3701)
Root Pauline(304-986-2562)
Simms Eric L(304-986-3456)
Simms Mark A(304-986-1772)
Smith Richard C(304-986-3259)
Stewart Granite Works(304-986-2100)
A & C Storage Rentals(304-986-1028)
Cooper Donald E(304-986-1225)
Hayes David L(304-986-3552)
Hayes Harvey(304-986-2408)
Jones Robt G(304-986-2257)
Morris Patrick(304-986-1183)
Parker Richard(304-986-3240)
Parker Tammy(304-986-3240)
Shaver Charles D(304-986-2779)
Sliger Richard(304-825-6840)
Chappell David C(304-825-7042)
Hatfield Ross(304-986-1793)
Hatfield Ross Construction Co(304-986-1793)
Prendergast Jack C(304-986-1101)
Stout W R(304-986-2522)
Gauntt B(304-986-2162)
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