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Smith M(304-364-8467)
Schoolcraft T L(304-364-4403)
Carpenter Eugene(304-364-5177)
Carpenter Virginia(304-364-5177)
Mowery Fred(304-364-5939)
Robinson Ellen(304-364-4102)
Burrows Gerald(304-364-8102)
Dobbins Brenda(304-364-2353)
Dobbins Kent(304-364-2353)
Hall Iva M(304-364-2304)
Lamb Katherine(304-364-5055)
Smith Emogene S(304-364-8462)
Hoffman I L(304-364-8537)
Moore Michael R(304-364-4471)
Kerns Vernon W(304-364-5460)
Wood Madeline(304-364-8794)
Friend Bill(304-364-5094)
Friend Rene(304-364-5094)
Underwood Earl W(304-364-5280)
Wilson W A(304-364-2288)
Gassaway Auto Parts(304-364-5183)
Rader's Towing & Services Inc(304-364-5141)
Rader's Used Cars(304-364-5141)
Heater Bill(304-364-5497)
Bucks Pizza(304-364-5500)
Robinson H G(304-364-5285)
Long Delcie(304-364-8256)
Weber Roy M(304-364-5083)
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