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Adams Ernest(304-466-5491)
Brenda's Design Center(304-497-3048)
Chapman Nicole(304-497-3062)
Cooper Patricia(304-497-0586)
King M E(304-497-3663)
Massey Gary L(304-497-2790)
Williams Orville(304-497-3411)
Williams Sylvia(304-497-3411)
Crance Melvin(304-497-2819)
Hughes Mark(304-497-3565)
Lightner Cynthia(304-497-3591)
Arbuckle John G(304-497-3235)
Clifton Presbyterian Church(304-497-2663)
Scott Brooks Jr(304-497-3880)
Scott Sharon(304-497-3880)
Ford Fred(304-497-2872)
92 Diner(304-536-3600)
Amburgey Rodney A(304-536-9153)
Anthony Correctional Center(304-536-3911)
Anthony Creek Fire Department & Re(304-536-1636)
Arbogast Lisa D(304-536-9439)
Arbogast Michael(304-536-4820)
Arbogast Tammy(304-536-4820)
Bailey Brian(304-536-1712)
Bailey Denzil(304-536-3555)
Bailey Jackie(304-536-5028)
Bailey Jean(304-536-2245)
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