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AAA Inc(304-599-9330)
Brotherton John(304-328-5141)
Brotherton Roger(304-328-5418)
Burns Betty(304-328-5550)
Burns Bob(304-328-5550)
Chedester William L(304-328-5821)
Cline Kathleen(304-328-5454)
Cool Steve(304-328-5915)
Dalton Odbert(304-328-5008)
Davis Donald L(304-328-5107)
Galeota Archie D(304-328-5736)
Goodwin Gary(304-328-5758)
Griesbaum Tina(304-328-5093)
Griesbaum Todd(304-328-5093)
Hart Anna(304-328-5222)
Hart Wayne(304-328-5222)
Holbert Robert O(304-328-5540)
Holbert Ronald D(304-328-5182)
Hughes Earl(304-328-5506)
Johnson Harvey(304-328-5748)
Johnson Rosalee(304-328-5748)
Kerns David(304-328-5912)
Korzun Jack D(304-328-5857)
Landsperger J E(304-328-5639)
Layman Barbara(304-328-5554)
Luckey Betty(304-328-5987)
Peters Perry(304-328-5268)
Reed Mike(304-328-5771)
Reed Twila(304-328-5771)
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