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Allen David(304-787-3788)
Oak Hill City of(304-465-1992)
Rhodes A(304-469-4762)
Bolen Robert T(304-469-2413)
Berry Deborah(304-465-1210)
Berry Howard(304-465-1210)
Davis William A(304-469-6053)
Massey W T(304-469-4295)
Bowles Judy(304-469-9830)
Morris Rick(304-469-3084)
Morris Sue(304-469-3084)
Prince Travis(304-465-0240)
Massey Barry(304-465-5713)
Massey Terri(304-465-5713)
Fredericks Jerry(304-469-6156)
Campbell Basil(304-465-3055)
Rhodes Steven(304-465-8789)
Burgess Butch(304-469-8569)
Pittman Corky(304-465-7222)
Pittman Lisa(304-465-7222)
Brown J W(304-469-6293)
Larrick E G Jr(304-469-9444)
Tyree Isabelle S(304-469-4645)
Tyree Joe(304-469-4645)
Trotter Scott(304-469-2930)
Akers Charles W(304-465-1550)
Evans Roger(304-465-8553)
Helems David W(304-465-8381)
Kicklighter Lora(304-465-8379)
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