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A C E Expeditions(304-469-2955)
Carteret Mortgage Company(304-294-7220)
St John Catholic Church(304-294-8128)
Phillips Clifford S Jr(304-294-5925)
Lusk Kathy(304-294-5482)
Weaver Curtis(304-294-5259)
Weaver Tiffany(304-294-5259)
Smith Barry(304-294-7348)
Lucas Faron(304-294-8171)
Lucas Jennifer(304-294-8171)
Reed Michael(304-294-4236)
Monday Judy(304-294-6636)
Monday Michael(304-294-6636)
Thompson Charles W(304-294-7126)
White Amber(304-294-5277)
White Joseph(304-294-5277)
Lusk Ashley(304-294-7010)
Lusk Jamie(304-294-7010)
Morgan Deborah(304-294-5222)
Morgan Michael(304-294-4586)
Dodson Gilbert C(304-294-6146)
Pedri Mark(304-294-8513)
Cook Diana(304-294-5105)
Cook Ricky(304-294-5105)
Boles James R(304-294-7799)
Compton David W(304-294-6712)
Mongeni Earl W(304-294-5266)
Quesenberry Jerry(304-294-8155)
Quesenberry Patty(304-294-8155)
Ashley Charles(304-294-6463)
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