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Andy & Abby Leasing Inc(304-294-5257)
Pauley Micheal(304-682-4637)
Paynter Deron(304-682-0044)
Paynter Lisa(304-682-0044)
Pelphrey Ronald(304-682-6310)
Penticostal Faith Community Churc(304-682-5051)
Perry Janis(304-682-5278)
Perry Wintfred(304-682-4446)
Pinson Billy(304-682-0080)
Preece Larry D(304-682-4708)
Price D(304-682-6238)
Price James D(304-682-4583)
Redden Ronald(304-682-6624)
Reed D(304-682-0139)
Roberts Bill(304-682-4358)
Roberts Jimmy(304-682-4628)
Rollins Helen(304-682-6860)
Runyon Frankie(304-682-6615)
Scott A(304-682-0156)
Short Vernon(304-682-6192)
Simpson Mitch(304-682-4137)
Smith Gary W(304-682-3138)
Smith George(304-682-6748)
Smith James S(304-682-5979)
Smith Jerry L Jr(304-682-4552)
Smith R M(304-682-6852)
Smith Wendy(304-682-6748)
Sparks Lawrence(304-682-5035)
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