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Adams D(304-538-7455)
Kesner Irene(304-749-8054)
Bell George(304-749-7472)
Bell Helen(304-749-7472)
Burgess Richard(304-749-8847)
Helmick Desiree(304-749-7336)
Ketterman Sara(304-749-8027)
Ketterman Virgil E(304-749-8027)
Kisamore Justin J(304-749-8462)
Looney Steven D(304-749-7166)
Moomau Eric(304-749-8149)
Moomau Jamie(304-749-8149)
Brown Charles(304-749-8142)
Judy Steven C(304-749-8506)
Meck Deanna(304-749-8241)
Kimble Catherine(304-749-7074)
Ours Jody D(304-749-8049)
Ours Ricky A(304-749-8049)
Thompson H(304-749-8769)
Lambert Melvin(304-749-8438)
Rohrbaugh Randall A(304-749-8126)
Smith Gary(304-749-8073)
Stalter Carol(304-749-8349)
A Plus Car Wash & Storage Inc(304-749-8131)
Andrews Danny(304-749-7791)
Berg Hetzel(304-749-7909)
Bland Gregory(304-749-8519)
Bowen George B(304-749-7931)
Brick Church of the Brethren(304-749-8700)
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