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Adkins John M(304-273-5964)
Neal Mildred K(304-773-5740)
Neal Nancy C(304-773-6170)
Neal Ronnie(304-773-5109)
Neal Willie(304-773-5840)
Nelson Harold E(304-773-5626)
Newell Donald(304-773-9130)
Newell Rachel(304-882-2431)
Nichols G(304-773-5851)
Noble Larry H(304-773-5465)
Northup Gary(304-773-5038)
Obryan Thomas(304-773-9126)
Ohlinger A D(304-773-5164)
Ohlinger William H(304-773-5209)
Oldaker Douglas T(304-773-5279)
Oldaker Frances(304-773-5020)
Oldaker M(304-773-5170)
Oliver A(304-773-6087)
Oliver Chester(304-773-5988)
Oliver Glenda(304-773-5763)
Oliver Robert W(304-773-9128)
Ord Doyle(304-773-5065)
Parsons L E(304-773-6189)
Pauley Betty J(304-773-5058)
Pauley Brooke(304-773-9107)
Pauley James(304-773-9107)
Pauley-Ryan Loretta L(304-773-9127)
Pearson Barton(304-773-5929)
Pearson Michelle(304-773-9185)
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