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Baker Clyde F(304-497-2652)
Alderman Norman L(304-799-7374)
Dean Alonzo G Jr(304-799-6284)
Hamilton Mary A(304-799-4731)
Howsare William L(304-799-4859)
Long M R(304-799-4361)
Lovelace Donald W SR(304-799-6897)
Pyles Thomas(304-799-6964)
Ryder Jacqueline(304-799-6643)
Stanley Charles L(304-799-6019)
Underwood Kennie(304-799-6838)
Vidonic Nik(304-799-0500)
Wade Cathy(304-799-6026)
Wade Curtis(304-799-6026)
Watoga Stables(304-799-5455)
Elk Mountain Enterprises(304-799-4706)
North Central Community Action Head Sta(304-799-4082)
Wine Vincent(304-799-5483)
Eddie's Service Center(304-799-4065)
Kinderman Cheryl(304-572-5221)
Kinderman Gibbs(304-572-5221)
McBride Bobby(304-799-6276)
Appalachian Contracting Co(304-799-4488)
Lovelace J(304-799-3993)
McCarty Robert P(304-799-6811)
Payne Hubert L(304-799-6516)
Payne Nancy(304-799-6516)
Rt 39 Chevron Station(304-799-6420)
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