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A-1 Amusement Co(304-773-5897)
Fauver K(304-895-3528)
Fowler Minnie(304-882-3223)
Frye Steven E(304-882-2493)
Gordon Barbara A(304-882-2826)
Hager Martin(304-895-3008)
Hager Teresa(304-895-3008)
Hall Gertrude(304-895-3860)
Hall Roy(304-895-3607)
Harbour Patrick(304-882-2640)
Hawkins Mildred(304-895-3541)
Herdman Keith(304-895-3592)
Hopkins Stanley(304-895-3422)
Hussell Brian(304-895-3059)
Johnson Jackie(304-882-3132)
Jordan Milford(304-895-3345)
Kaylor Fred(304-882-3762)
Keefer Ray(304-895-3317)
Keeper George Jr(304-895-3479)
Keeper Larry A(304-895-3602)
Keyes J L(304-882-3772)
King Edwin L(304-882-2469)
Kinzel Edith N(304-895-3058)
Lambert Carolyn(304-882-3781)
Lambert Michael(304-882-3781)
Leget Norman G(304-882-3193)
Lewis Gary(304-882-2736)
Lewis Jerry L(304-882-2936)
Lieving Larry(304-882-2589)
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