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Albrecht Anne(304-897-7683)
Grocholske Alfred(304-358-2441)
Paynter Randy(304-358-3410)
Pendleton County Bank(304-358-2311)
Agriculture Department of(304-358-2285)
The Shaw House(304-358-3155)
Main Street Texaco Service Station(304-358-3571)
Mean Gene's Burgers(304-358-3572)
Simon Edward(304-358-3408)
Simon Kim(304-358-3408)
Moody Earl W(304-358-7160)
Leitch Mark(304-358-2768)
Leitch Terri(304-358-2768)
Moyers Dewey(304-358-7268)
Thompson R K(304-358-7639)
Waldschlager Everett(304-358-7074)
Huffman Richard(304-358-7463)
Johnson Roscoe(304-358-7793)
Emergency Rescue Inc(304-358-7994)
Franklin Volunteer Fire Dept(304-358-7994)
Pendleton County of(304-358-7994)
Stickley L H(304-358-2750)
Bodine John R(304-249-5345)
McConnell Robert S(304-249-5220)
Gregory Dudley(304-358-7450)
Locklin Betty(304-358-7296)
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