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Allman Margaret(304-472-2523)
Ware Edward L(304-924-5398)
Ware Lovie(304-924-6444)
Ware Pamela(304-924-6762)
Ware Todd(304-472-8859)
Wayts Mitchell(304-924-5472)
Wells Beverly(304-924-5805)
Werst J A(304-924-6991)
White William E(304-924-6393)
Wightman Harold(304-924-5158)
Wilfong David(304-924-5071)
Wilfong Deborah(304-924-5071)
Wilfong Gracie(304-924-5353)
Williams Bud(304-924-6983)
Williams Joseph D(304-472-9239)
Williams Judi(304-924-5305)
Williams Michael(304-924-9031)
Wills Donnie A(304-924-5749)
Wilson Bob(304-924-6716)
Wilson Pam(304-924-6716)
Wilson Russell(304-924-9272)
Wilson T(304-924-5865)
Windmill Inn The(304-924-5649)
Winfree Andrew L(304-924-6669)
Wojahn C M(304-924-9366)
Woods G(304-924-5275)
Woods Glenda(304-924-6778)
Woody C D(304-924-5319)
Wright Denise(304-472-9725)
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