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Acord Billy(304-583-2217)
Browning Helen(304-583-7488)
Browning Jerry(304-583-7254)
Browning Naomi R(304-583-7254)
Browning Pauline(304-583-6851)
Bryant Dennis M(304-583-9261)
Bryant M(304-583-6697)
Bryce Jillian(304-583-9634)
Buffalo Mini Mart(304-583-6116)
Butch & Mary's Kistler Grocery(304-583-2495)
Cain Fannie(304-583-9411)
Calloway Robert(304-583-9339)
Campbell Louise(304-583-7871)
Canada Pamela J(304-583-7144)
Canterbury Lisa(304-583-8886)
Cantrell Thersia(304-583-9966)
Carter Ophelia(304-583-2471)
Carter Wanda(304-583-9816)
Cecilia's Beauty Shop(304-583-7311)
Chandler Melissa A(304-583-8798)
Clark Bill(304-583-9744)
Clark C(304-583-9621)
Clark Charlie H(304-583-2067)
Clark Earl E(304-583-8668)
Clark Fredrick(304-583-9990)
Clark Joe(304-583-9688)
Clay's Super Market and Sporting Goods(304-583-2661)
Cochran Carolyn(304-583-0044)
Collins Kathy S(304-583-2515)
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