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Alkire Funeral Chapel(304-452-8939)
Davis Paul(304-265-1425)
Armentrout Joseph(304-847-5226)
Bailey Henry D(304-452-8546)
Bender Ruth L(304-452-9792)
Bleigh Darrell(304-452-8318)
Bleigh Kenny(304-452-8710)
Bleigh Kevin(304-452-8236)
Boggs Garnett E(304-452-8490)
Boggs O A(304-452-8990)
Brown Donna(304-452-8846)
Brown Rodney(304-452-8846)
Bull Delbert(304-452-8700)
Campbell John(304-452-8348)
Chatten Phillip(304-452-9747)
Chidester Jamie(304-452-8678)
Claypool Joyce L(304-452-8175)
Conrad Billy(304-452-8099)
Craig Martha B(304-452-8806)
Craig Martin(304-452-8806)
Cunningham Michael(304-452-8650)
Deprospero Anthony(304-452-8682)
Farinash Lloyd(304-452-8674)
Farwell R(304-452-0427)
Fleming Kent(304-452-8374)
Forinash Wilbert W(304-452-8353)
Friend A S(304-452-8808)
Gregory Mabel L(304-452-8702)
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