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Marcum Thomas W(304-239-2244)
Taylor Donald G(304-664-9033)
Testerman Arthur Jr(304-664-3134)
Testerman Jeffrey(304-664-2637)
Testerman Mary(304-664-2637)
Thacker William R(304-664-2343)
The Shepherd's Store(304-664-8174)
Thomas Charles(304-664-3219)
Thomas Darren(304-664-9197)
Thomas Grover(304-664-3495)
Thomas Jinnie(304-664-2196)
Thomas Jody(304-664-2196)
Thomas Mary(304-664-8085)
Thomas Ralph(304-664-8085)
Thomas Stanley(304-664-9004)
Thompson Andrew(304-664-3080)
Thompson Butch(304-664-9010)
Thompson Donald(304-664-5335)
Thompson Leroy(304-664-9275)
Thompson Ruby H(304-664-3484)
Thompson Trish(304-664-5335)
Tiller Jimmie(304-664-9391)
Tiller Judy(304-664-9890)
Tiller Nancy(304-664-9391)
Tiller Oma(304-664-2231)
Toler Candita(304-664-5432)
Toler Darrell(304-664-3432)
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