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Jewell Philip(304-456-5388)
Hoagland Sandra(304-772-5222)
Holley Wilma(304-772-4398)
Hornbuckle Thomas(304-772-4601)
Houston Jimmie(304-772-3416)
Imbrock Walter M(304-772-5498)
Isaacs Clara(304-772-3707)
Lane Patricia A(304-772-4416)
Laxton Cathy M(304-772-3141)
McCumber Richard(304-772-5952)
O'quinn Sherman H(304-772-4047)
Reynolds Bill(304-772-4149)
Scaletta Gregory(304-772-5975)
Stover Curtis C(304-772-4046)
Tanner Ava(304-772-3611)
Tanner David(304-772-3611)
Walters James W(304-772-3251)
Wilson Stephen L(304-772-4703)
Farmer Everett(304-772-5092)
Farmer Gertrude(304-772-5092)
Hickey Audrey(304-772-4778)
Kessler Freddy(304-772-5995)
Kessler Ruth(304-772-5995)
Moncove Lake Public Hunting & Fishi(304-772-3450)
Van Buren Ethel(304-772-3403)
Grace Alan L(304-772-3758)
Grace Alan L Rev(304-772-3758)
Steele Charles B(304-536-4545)
Vanover Janet(304-772-3436)
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