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A Garage 4-U(304-278-7899)
Myers Daniel(304-287-7583)
Myers Doris(304-287-7583)
Roberts Lena R(304-986-2629)
Terwilliger Joseph B(304-986-3190)
Terwilliger Rose(304-986-3190)
Toothman Danny L(304-287-2365)
Vocational Education(304-986-3590)
West Robert L(304-825-6110)
Richardson Donna C(304-986-2446)
Toothman K(304-825-6829)
Foley John W Jr(304-825-6438)
Staten Virginia M(304-825-1479)
Menas Daniel(304-825-1227)
Suplita D(304-825-6634)
Simms Babette(304-825-1145)
Nester Richard L(304-825-6305)
Rogers Thomas F(304-825-6228)
Capelety Virginia(304-825-1153)
Capelety William(304-825-1153)
Blake Richard(304-825-1466)
Hall Ervin A(304-825-1244)
Jones C F(304-825-6226)
Miller Steve(304-825-6018)
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