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Anderson Mabel C(304-965-5162)
Rogers Jennifer L(304-965-0163)
Snyder Robert(304-965-0023)
Prettyman Terrence S(304-965-7625)
Smolder John(304-965-0258)
Harless Jerry W(304-965-7791)
Sowards Chris(304-965-6524)
Sowards Vonda(304-965-6524)
Cook Ida(304-965-1513)
Cook Jeff(304-965-1513)
Dunlap R(304-965-9154)
Moran Harry E II(304-965-7770)
Holbrook Jerry(304-965-5353)
Messinger Ray(304-965-7759)
Keeling Charles H(304-965-3287)
National Belt Service of W V(304-965-9055)
Dysart Carrie(304-965-2441)
Dysart Trevor(304-965-2441)
Ray Wanda(304-965-3847)
Douglas Charles(304-965-5873)
Douglas Delores(304-965-5873)
Burdette C J(304-965-5294)
Young Jimmy L(304-965-7453)
Chapman Bonnie(304-965-3498)
Chapman Ernest(304-965-3498)
Burford Samuel R(304-965-6046)
Brown Lillian A(304-965-1349)
Moore H(304-965-1127)
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