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1st Mortgage Company(304-636-0900)
Wanek Cynthia(304-472-9013)
Wardlow Nancy(304-472-5676)
Washington District Volunteer Fire(304-472-3762)
Wentz John(304-472-4629)
White Clifford(304-473-0244)
Williams Angela(304-472-7274)
Williams Claude E(304-472-5990)
Williams Mark(304-472-0764)
Williams Twila(304-472-0764)
Wood Vanessa(304-472-4642)
Wright John(304-472-9076)
Zickefoose Connie(304-472-0895)
Zickefoose Dick(304-472-2835)
Zickefoose Ethel(304-472-2116)
Zickefoose Jean(304-472-2835)
Zickefoose N(304-472-3583)
Reed Sharon J(304-472-4788)
Lee Connie(304-472-8618)
Rozelle J(304-472-5978)
Tenney Robert O(304-924-6570)
Gallagher Richard W(304-473-0241)
Godwin C R(304-472-7121)
Godwin J E(304-473-0938)
Covey Thomas(304-472-6435)
Currence Marion(304-473-0092)
Eiker Dottie(304-473-0480)
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