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52 Hardware & Garden Center(304-426-5081)
Howard Phyllis(304-235-4818)
Howard Preston Jr(304-235-0912)
Howard Virgie(304-235-3538)
Hubbard H V(304-235-2457)
Huff Kathrine M(304-235-3291)
Hughes Louise(304-235-2114)
Hunt David(304-236-2378)
Hunter Jada C(304-235-0909)
Hunter Luciana(304-235-3833)
Hydro Steam Carpet Cleaning(304-235-3980)
Jewell Barry(304-235-8844)
Jewell Berman Jr(304-235-4835)
Jewell Gary(304-235-8228)
Jewell Karen(304-235-8228)
Jewell Lora(304-235-2007)
Johnson B(304-235-0865)
Johnson June D(304-235-8928)
Johnson Kim(304-235-1963)
Johnson Ronald D(304-235-3850)
Jude Fern(304-235-1675)
Jude Harold(304-235-2903)
Justice C(304-235-5185)
Justice F(304-235-2556)
Kater A S(304-235-1594)
Keaton James(304-235-3354)
Keith Edward(304-235-8117)
Kidd R(304-235-0269)
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witne(304-235-3041)
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