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Adams John F SR(304-742-3802)
Chambers B R(304-472-7812)
Chickerel Jack(304-473-0226)
Corder Steve R(304-472-0884)
Daft French(304-472-4977)
Davidson Ronald C(304-472-6742)
Frame Francis Z(304-472-6004)
Girard Francis(304-472-3474)
Harris Hugh(304-472-5899)
Hartman I Frank II(304-472-1820)
Hawkins Oliver(304-472-9565)
Helmick Beverly(304-472-9385)
Helmick Brian(304-472-9385)
Hewman Susan H Atty(304-647-3730)
Homeland Realty(304-472-9300)
Jones J(304-473-1996)
K & M Mobile Homes(304-462-5085)
Koon Hoy L(304-472-4668)
McKnight R V(304-472-5085)
Miller Dennis(304-472-0044)
Miller Luanne(304-472-0044)
Mountain Cap of West Virginia Inc(304-472-1515)
Mountaineer Mart(304-472-6118)
Myers Eugene L(304-472-6414)
Myers Eva M(304-472-7055)
Page Melvin H(304-472-7143)
Page Richard N II(304-473-0525)
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