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Adams Clyde(304-683-5838)
Farley Nancy L(304-934-7162)
Farmer Al(304-934-7207)
Farmer H G(304-934-5844)
Farmer Tracie(304-934-7207)
Farris Homer(304-934-7517)
Ferguson Bill(304-934-7713)
Fitzwater Liz(304-934-6125)
Fitzwater Paul(304-934-6125)
Foster Betty(304-934-6072)
Foster Janet(304-934-6420)
Foster Ronnie(304-934-6420)
Fuller Archie J Jr(304-934-7943)
Fuller Helen(304-934-7943)
Gibson Edward(304-934-7712)
Gunnoe Kermit(304-934-6602)
Gwinn David C(304-934-7024)
Hall Garry(304-934-5903)
Hall James J(304-934-7727)
Hall Janet(304-934-6644)
Hall Kimmie(304-934-7847)
Hall Richard L(304-934-7547)
Hall Stephanie(304-934-7547)
Harless J A(304-934-7215)
Harmon Tom(304-934-6515)
Hartshorn Everett R(304-934-7363)
Harvey Richard(304-934-6646)
Hashman Connie(304-934-5549)
Hashman Ronald(304-934-5549)
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