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Winchell Bill(304-548-5658)
Winchell Katie(304-548-5658)
Tanner M(304-548-6504)
Taylor Greg(304-548-7961)
Taylor Kim(304-548-7961)
Chandler Diana(304-548-5069)
Chandler Jeff(304-548-5069)
Copen Nicole(304-548-7021)
Paxton Annette(304-548-7314)
Paxton Clifford(304-548-7314)
Abbott Ganel(304-548-5026)
Clay County Health Department(304-587-2554)
Clay County of(304-587-4269)
Family Dollar(304-587-9935)
Murphy Joseph(304-587-2350)
Murphy Stacy(304-587-2350)
Nichols Clinton(304-587-2213)
Clay County Free Press(304-587-4250)
Elk Printing Company(304-587-4253)
Elk River Inn(304-587-4250)
Suzi's Nearly New and Bearly Used(304-587-1166)
Stewart Lillie(304-587-7556)
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