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Ace of Clubs(304-229-2462)
Carey Ronald(304-258-0870)
King Larry(304-258-4009)
King Sandra(304-258-4009)
McPeak Randy H(304-258-9090)
McPeak Stacey M(304-258-9090)
Riley H(304-258-2654)
Springer Lawrence(304-258-3139)
Miller Kenneth(304-258-7590)
Grimm John R(304-258-2652)
Turner M(304-258-0460)
Forbes E E(304-258-9050)
Bishop Nancy L(304-258-3338)
Ramsey E A(304-258-5952)
Stull John(304-258-0186)
Abbott Paula(304-258-9608)
Anderson Ron(304-258-1153)
Pelverts K(304-258-4769)
Dewey Donald H(304-258-5330)
Brietzke Walter(304-258-3718)
Ridgeway Kevin(304-258-3665)
Yost Brenda(304-258-5410)
Cain Gayle R(304-258-2951)
Wood Ronald(304-258-5414)
Wood Tiffany(304-258-5414)
Trail Merle Jr(304-258-4430)
Trail Shirley(304-258-4430)
Mihelcic Rebecca(304-258-5354)
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