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Blue Jay United Methodist Churc(304-252-5176)
Thompson Freida(304-252-4986)
Lafferty Roger(304-255-5881)
Fizer Michael R(304-763-3711)
Crouse A L(304-763-0207)
Milam Mary(304-763-2736)
Cale Jeremy M(304-250-0180)
Ward Erica(304-256-0832)
Long Denise(304-252-0664)
Long Mark(304-252-0664)
Raso Frank(304-253-7965)
Evans R(304-252-2501)
Young Frank(304-763-0648)
Young Penney(304-763-0648)
Walker R W(304-763-2805)
Nicolls Angelo D II(304-763-0521)
Solari Dario(304-763-0232)
Stump Buford(304-252-7156)
Stump Dennis(304-253-2948)
Stump Doris(304-253-2948)
Lilly Amanda(304-255-1674)
Lilly Lucas(304-255-1674)
Phillips Amanda(304-255-1674)
Phillips Terry(304-255-1674)
Yancey James(304-253-9861)
Highland Cellular Inc(304-253-3710)
Mullens Nellie(304-252-1935)
Dean Roger(304-763-2099)
Crawford Ida(304-255-0285)
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