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Abrell Gregory(304-856-2086)
North Fork Baptist Church(304-567-2098)
North Fork Mem Cemetery(304-567-7100)
North Fork Primary Care Clinic(304-567-2101)
Pendleton Senior & Family Services(304-567-2240)
Persinger Thomas(304-567-2417)
Petro Paul(304-567-3011)
Phares Richard P(304-567-2005)
Phares Shirley(304-567-2199)
Pingley John M(304-567-3075)
Poore Percy(304-567-2056)
Raines Casey(304-567-2397)
Raines Hubert(304-567-2851)
Raines Jennifer(304-567-2397)
Raines Johnny(304-567-2276)
Raines Owen J(304-567-2140)
Raines Richard L(304-567-2506)
Raines Store(304-567-2137)
Raines Terry(304-567-2890)
Ratliff Keith(304-567-2226)
Ratliff Silas D(304-567-2856)
Red Eft Web Design(304-567-5100)
Reel Wayne(304-567-3041)
Rhodes Linda K(304-567-2414)
Rhodes Steven(304-567-3039)
Richards Aaron(304-567-2862)
Richards Patricia(304-567-2862)
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