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Abbott Robert(304-823-1345)
Hughes S J(304-637-3692)
Price Michael R(304-636-6722)
Simpson Regina(304-636-0702)
Totten Bryan(304-636-1047)
Totten Johnette(304-636-1047)
Vance Roger L(304-636-9506)
Whitesel Harold(304-637-7256)
Whitesel Ruth(304-637-7256)
Cooper E(304-636-4679)
Elza John T(304-636-9302)
Hoffmann Kim(304-636-8492)
Highland Adventist School(304-636-0811)
Seventh Day Adventist Church(304-636-0811)
Patton Betty(304-636-5044)
Shifflett Gary(304-636-7477)
Cowgill Paula(304-637-5409)
Canales Judith R(304-636-6288)
Lyons Michelle(304-637-1154)
Gibson Lon A(304-636-3938)
Wileman Gary(304-637-8729)
Wileman Melody(304-637-8729)
Pennington B(304-636-1107)
Destiny Tabernacle of Praise(304-636-9303)
Ridenour Joey(304-637-9902)
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