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Baker H(304-693-7319)
Ashley James(304-496-1248)
Hott George(304-496-8537)
Hott Rebecca(304-496-8537)
Kelly Tina(304-496-9505)
Mathena Jeff(304-496-8177)
Parker Charles(304-496-9742)
Platter Edward N(304-496-9596)
Shipley Ruth(304-496-8532)
Shipley Stephen(304-496-8532)
Smith Kenneth M(304-496-9277)
Timbrook Connie(304-496-7520)
Vanmeter Chad(304-496-9761)
Vanmeter Sarah(304-496-9761)
Fuentes Jaime(304-496-8775)
Walker Bobby(304-496-9195)
Daugherty Philip C(304-496-7692)
Free Philip E SR(304-496-9275)
Jackson Fred R(304-496-8809)
Nickelson Pat(304-496-1498)
Nickelson Roger(304-496-1498)
Shoop Patricia(304-496-9571)
Shoop William(304-496-9571)
Cheshire Sarah(304-496-8160)
Coates Mark(304-496-9443)
Coates Tammy(304-496-9443)
Amburgey Mary(304-496-9329)
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