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Baldwin Ronald(304-497-3203)
Hughart Steve(304-456-4297)
Fleming David(304-456-5212)
Crihfield Charles(304-456-5378)
Jones Agnes(304-456-3041)
Williams Earl(304-456-3389)
Williams Tina(304-456-3389)
Brewer Barbara(304-456-5304)
Mullenax Jerdina(304-456-3015)
Bfd Fire and Rescue(304-456-4070)
Hoover Garnet B(304-456-4011)
Repa Kathy(304-456-5017)
Swearingen G R(304-456-5092)
Taylor Rusty(304-456-3125)
Vance Bobby D(304-456-4267)
Mallow J(304-456-5331)
Means Blaine(304-456-5481)
Schaffner Vicki J(304-456-5489)
Thompson Barbara(304-456-4991)
McCray Martha(304-456-4024)
Fitch William(304-456-4613)
Dunbar Robert(304-456-3430)
Ghigo Frank(304-456-4893)
Ghigo Janet(304-456-4893)
Price George(304-456-5478)
Barker Dwayne(304-456-3177)
Bunner Linda(304-456-3092)
Cassell Scott W(304-456-3215)
Stewart Jerry(304-456-5595)
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